Raymond Report Sports Betting Tip #17 – Boxscores 90/10 Rule!

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report will be releasing 30 Sports Betting Tips each day during the Month of July to get you through those “Dog Days of Summer”.

Welcome to Tip #17 of 30, as Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond  talks about how how he reviews a box score from a betting perspective and to always remember, from an athletes point of view, “Sports is 90% Mental and 10% Physical“.




  1.                 Mental Mistakes

  2.                 Turnovers

  3.                 Penalties


The 3 Lackey's: Lack of Focus, Lack of Concentration & Lack of Discipline!




1              Penalties: NFL teams Averaged 11.2 Penalties Per Game – 97.4 yards per game last year.

Look for:  teams who took Less than 3 Penalties or More than 10 in their last game.


2              Turnovers: Fumbles – Interceptions

Look for: Zero Turnover or +4 Turnover Last Game


3              QB Performance Last Game – Under/Overachieved Last Game on the stats sheet.


4              Offensive Plays Last Game

UNDER 50 or OVER 70 Plays Last Game: Can say lot about the teams offensive or defensive performance.




1              Penalties: (Discipline, Poor Conditioning)


2              Special Teams: PK and PP (Makes or breaks your season)


3              Goalies: Did they Under Achieved Last Game or Coming off a Shut Out? (What's their Bounce back factor?)





1              Free Throws % (Mental Concentration)


2              Offensive & Defensive Rebounds (Defensive Hustle, Aggressiveness, Attitude)


3              Turnovers (Lack of Concentration – Mental Mistakes) Example: In bounding the ball (pet peeves)


4              Steals (Defensive Hustle, Aggressiveness, Attitude, Determination)





1              Walks (Lack of confidence – follow those pitchers from game to game) Ex: Blue Jays Reliever Tyler Chatwood


2              Hits: Teams all go through a good and bad hitting streak.


3              WHIP: 9 of the top 10 teams as of the ALL Star break have a record above .500!


4              Quality Starts (Starting Pitchers and Home and Road ERA)