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Raymond Report Sports Betting Tips and Tricks – 02/20/23

Sports betting has become increasingly popular, and with easy access to information via the internet, bookmakers are getting more clever in their approach to attract bettors. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get an edge:

  1. Performance Value Cycle (PVC): Keep an eye on the performance cycles of teams – bullish, neutral, and bearish – to help determine the likelihood of a win.
  2. Perception vs. Reality: Bookmakers use public perception of a game's outcome to manipulate the line and gain an edge, especially when it involves “popular” Division 1 programs.
  3. Law of Average System: Look for teams coming off an ATS win versus a team coming off an ATS loss to improve your betting percentages.
  4. Letdown Factor: Bet against a team that just pulled off a big upset the previous week.
  5. In a Mano-a-mano Under Pitching Matchup, where two pitchers from Latin American countries are facing each other, it's likely to be a low-scoring game because both pitchers will be eager to outdo each other and gain recognition in their respective countries.
  6. Bet against Home Teams off a Long Road Trip: Use the team's body clock fatigue to your advantage by betting against them in their first game back home.
  7. Ron's Rule of Thumb of Parlay Betting: If you bet on the favorite, take the over, and if you like the underdog, take the under.
  8. Look Ahead Factor: Bet against teams with a major rival game on deck, especially in football as they tend to overlook the current opponent who are taking the game seriously.
  9. After 3 Straight Covers, The Secret is out: Be cautious when betting on teams that have covered the spread in their last three games.
  10. Daytona's Baseball Slaughter Plays: Look for home teams that have won by 7 runs or more in their last game and play them in the following game, as the theory is the teams bats are hot!

Bonus Horse Racing Tip: Double Dutching – pick your favorite horse in a race and bet it to win and place to increase your chances of winning.

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