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Ross Benjamin’s Picks

Ross Benjamin is a renowned sports handicapper who has made a name for himself in the industry through his sharp prognostications over the last 17 years. Professional sports handicapper Ron Raymond describes Ross as “One of the most underrated and sharpest sports handicappers I know,” in his book “50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets”. Ross advises bettors to think like a bookmaker to be successful in sports betting.

Ross has been publicly involved in the sports betting industry since 2003 and is known for his commitment to winning, professionalism, honesty, and integrity. He is a featured sports betting writer and video analyst for OSGA since 2017 and a former writer/video analyst for Sportsbook Review from 2011 to 2017.

Ross has a passion for picking winners in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball, which he has successfully done for the last 18 years. Ross is a past winner of the “Playbook Invitational Football Wise Guy Contest” and has finished in the top five on three other occasions.

Ross has an impressive list of sports handicapping achievements, including being ranked #1 in the 2010-2011 NCAA Basketball Regular Season with a 60.1% win rate, #1 in the 2008 March Madness with a 63% win rate, and #1 in the 2007 NFL Playoffs in Net Profit with an 81.8% win rate. Ross has also been a guest on several radio shows and has hosted his own show, The Ross Benjamin Show, on Sports Talk Radio 1280 AM WHTK in Rochester, New York.

Additionally, Ross has made guest appearances on several other radio shows and appeared on the Locker Room Picks Show on CBS Sports Network. Ross is considered one of the most successful and respected sports handicappers in the industry.

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