Sports Handicappers Daily Checklist Before Breaking Down The Games

April 26, 2021

By Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

Feeling the Market Temperature (Toe in the Water)

Before breaking down the games, understand the landscape of the current sports betting markets and find out what has come in over the last few days, weeks, and month.

  • Sports Betting Index – SBI (Examine and Understand the Current Market Conditions)
  • What does the bookmaker need to balance the books? (Bear or Bull Market or Over or Under Market – Are we talking Days – Weeks or Months?)
  • Spot Investing Opportunities to see if it is an “Action Investor Day” or “Sports Investor Day.”
  • Daily Money Management Situation

Time to Go Shopping

Now that you know what the markets are like, let’s go shopping! As my good friend and Professional Sports Handicapper Ross Benjamin would say, it’s time to “Think like a bookmaker” and figure out the reasoning and meanings of today’s lines.

As Bill Parcells would say, “You are what your record says you are” and as much as you would love for that 10-point underdog to win or cover the spread, don’t expect bad teams to win on a consistent basis.

Now, I am not suggesting eliminating bad teams from your daily research, but if you shop for value on teams with a winning record, and play the percentages, you will put yourself in a better advantage situation to win or cover.

Two things for certain when you play the percentages, you will either hit 0% or 100% of your plays, there is no middle ground in winning or losing. However, you can research past situations, to see if prior results of the current situations are in your “favor” from a percentage play point of view.

Please view the following video, as I go more into details about my fundamentals about sports handicapping and how to approach the daily grind.

  • Value
  • Percentage Play
  • Performance Cycles

Now that you a better understanding of the markets and approach to the Raymond Report sports handicapping tipsheet, feel free to check out the tools in our toolbox at ATS Stats.



Ron Raymond