Calgary Stampeders: Point Spread Record Over the Last 3 Years

Overall Performance
Looking at the past three years in the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Calgary Stampeders have shown a consistent ability to cover the point spread. In the 2022 season, Calgary posted an Against the Spread (ATS) record of 11-8-0. This demonstrates a consistent performance, as they were able to exceed expectations in the majority of their games.

Home Favorite Record
In the role of home favorites over the last three years, Calgary's performance has been surprisingly inconsistent. They posted an ATS record of 3-18-0 during this period, indicating struggles to live up to expectations when playing at home with favorable odds. However, they still managed to secure a Straight Up (SU) record of 11-10 SU, showing they were able to clinch victories despite not covering the spread.

Home Underdog Record
In contrast, Calgary's record as home underdogs over the last three years has been impressive. They posted a perfect ATS record of 5-0-0 and an equally impressive SU record of 4-1, demonstrating their ability to perform well under pressure when playing at home.

Road Favorite Record
As road favorites, Calgary has maintained strong performance over the past three years, boasting an ATS record of 8-4-0 and an SU record of 10-2. This suggests that Calgary tends to perform well when they're expected to win, even in away games.

Road Underdog Record
When cast as road underdogs, Calgary has managed to exceed expectations. Over the past three years, they posted an ATS record of 10-4-1 and an SU record of 7-8. This indicates that Calgary often performs better than expected when facing unfavorable odds on the road.

Insights for Betting
From a betting perspective, Calgary's performance over the past three years provides valuable insights. Despite some inconsistencies when playing as home favorites, Calgary has shown a strong ability to cover the spread in various scenarios, particularly as road favorites and underdogs. This suggests that the Stampeders often thrive when facing adversity, making them a team worth considering in future betting decisions.