CFL Week 8 Power Ratings

Ron Raymond’s CFL Power Ratings: Week 8 Preview

Following Sunday's Redblacks vs. Stampeders game, we've seen some shifts in the power ratings across the Canadian Football League (CFL). The current power ratings take into account each team's overall win-loss record, strength of schedule (SOS), and performance over the last three and seven games.

Here's how things shape up:

Ron Raymond's CFL Power Ratings (CFL Week 8)

1. Toronto Argonauts

The Argonauts maintain their flawless record both on the season (5-0) and in the last three and seven games (3-0). They've shown great consistency, boasting the highest power rating (P R) in the league at 0.69. Their success in recent games has slightly improved their P R to 0.72.

2. British Columbia Lions

With an outstanding 5-1 season record and a matching 5-1 record in the last seven games, the Lions stay firmly in second place. They've held steady in their last three games, with a record of 2-1 and a P R of 0.56. Their overall and last seven games P R of 0.66 points to their consistency.

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Holding the third spot, the Blue Bombers have a commendable 5-2 record for the season and the last seven games. They've gone 2-1 in their last three games, giving them a decent recent P R of 0.50. Their overall P R of 0.56 suggests they are in a strong position heading into week 8.

4. Ottawa Redblacks

The Redblacks have rallied to a balanced 3-3 season and last seven games record, and have impressed with a 2-1 record in their last three games. They maintain a respectable P R of 0.61 from their recent games, outpacing their overall P R of 0.43.

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Tiger-Cats are sitting at a 2-4 season record but have shown signs of resilience with a 2-1 record in their last three games. Despite a high season SOS of 60.24%, their overall P R is 0.47. Their recent performance lifts their P R to 0.61, pointing to a potential comeback in week 8.

6. Montreal Alouettes

Despite a challenging 2-3 season and last seven games record, the Alouettes have faced the toughest competition with a high SOS of 67.62%. However, their 0-3 record in the last three games has led to a dip in their P R to 0.39. They'll need to show resolve to climb back up in the rankings.

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders

With a 3-3 record on the season and in the last seven games, the Roughriders are keeping pace in the middle of the pack. Their last three games have been a struggle (1-2), bringing their recent P R down to 0.33, the lowest in the league. They'll need to step up their game in week 8.

8. Calgary Stampeders

The Stampeders find themselves in the eighth position with a 2-4 record for the season and the last seven games. Their 1-2 record in the recent three games gives them a P R of 0.44. Their high season SOS of 59.13% shows they've had a tough journey so far, reflecting in their overall P R of 0.46.

9. Edmonton Elks

With a tough season so far, the Elks are yet to secure a win (0-7). Their recent performance mirrors their overall season, going winless in the last three and seven games. The Elks have the lowest power ratings in the league, with an overall P R of 0.31, dropping even further to 0.28 in the last three games.

As we head into week 8, the CFL continues to promise thrilling games and potential upsets. Keep an eye out for the next power ranking updates!

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