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Toronto Argonauts: Point Spread Record Over the Last 3 Years

The Toronto Argonauts have shown resilience and determination in the Canadian Football League (CFL) over the last three years, culminating in their Grey Cup victory in 2022. This recap will highlight their Against The Spread (ATS), Straight-Up (SU), and Over/Under (O/U) records over the last three years.

2022 Season

In the 2022 season, the Argonauts finished with a solid 13-7 SU record. Their ATS record was slightly less robust at 12-9-0, indicating they covered the spread in approximately 57.1% of their games. The O/U was evenly split, with 10 out of 21 games going ‘over' the O/U.

Home Favorites Record

As home favorites over the last three years, Toronto had an 11-4 SU record and an 8-7-0 ATS record, suggesting they performed slightly better than expected in these games. They favored the ‘over' in total points, with 9 out of 17 games going ‘over' the O/U.

Home Underdogs Record

When positioned as home underdogs, the Argonauts put up a fight, finishing with a 4-8 SU record and a 7-5-0 ATS record. This shows that they often outperformed expectations in these situations. In terms of total points, they also favored the ‘over' with a 7-5 O/U record.

Road Favorites Record

The Argonauts were positioned as road favorites less frequently in the last three years, with a 5-1 SU record and a 2-4-0 ATS record. This suggests they didn't quite meet expectations in these scenarios. However, their total points were almost evenly split, with a 3-3 O/U record.

Road Underdogs Record

As road underdogs, the Argonauts posted a 6-14 SU record over the past three years. Their ATS record was slightly better at 9-11-0, indicating that they often performed better than expected on the road. Again, the ‘under' was slightly more common in these games, with a 9-11 O/U record.

In summary, the Toronto Argonauts have demonstrated consistent performance in the CFL over the last three years. Their performance against the spread and in terms of total points provides valuable insights for betting enthusiasts and fans looking forward to the upcoming CFL seasons.

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