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Can the Royals turn their season around in their game against the Yankees?

2022 has been another stunning year for baseball and has witnessed the MLB serve up some scintillating action. With the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers and Astros all impressing up until the All-Star Break, the first half of the season has been pretty good for their fans. It has not been such plain sailing for other teams though!


While you could mention the Nationals or the Reds, the Kansas City Royals have not had the greatest season to date. Many though are looking to their upcoming game against the Yankees on July 29th, 2022 as one which could turn their campaign around. But could this happen and why are the Royals needing a big Yankees performance to kickstart their season?


Yankees vs Royals: What do the bookies say?


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But what do the latest odds suggest might happen in this match-up? At the moment, there are no odds available to look over, but it seems pretty certain that the Yankees will be the hot favorites. While this does not mean the Royals can’t grab a victory, it does suggest they will have to pull out a top-class performance to do so. It also means the Yankees might have to perform below par themselves for a Royals victory.


Why do the Royals need to get back on track in 2022?


While looking at the latest odds or getting the best MLB stats and predictions can help for this game, it also pays to look at why the Royals need to resurrect their season at all.


To put it bluntly, they have had a pretty poor first half in 2022 and have shown a lot of inconsistency so far. They were at the bottom of the AFL Central going into the All-Star break, with a 36-56 record and a low .391 percentage.


Even more worrying for the Royals is that their home record is not much better than their away record. They are currently 19-27 at home and 17-29 away for example. These struggles on home soil sum up the poor form they have shown so far.


There have also been some big losses so far in 2022 which seem to not only show that their pitchers are below-par but also must have hit their confidence. Results like the Royals 13-1 loss to the Guardians in game two of the series in early July are not great for team morale!


Can the Yankees game spark a revival in 2022 for the Royals?


Although a victory on July 29th against the Yankees might seem far-fetched, there is no doubt a win could turn the Royals season around. This is certainly something to take into account for MLB bettors, especially if the Royals manage to win the series.


But why might this be the case? To begin with, a win against arguably the best MLB team in 2022 should boost their morale. It should also show the players from Kansas that they have what it takes to compete against the best and come out on top. All this could result in their form taking off for the remainder of the season.


You also have to factor in that we have half a season left yet in the MLB and plenty of games to play. A win against the Yankees could set the Royals up for a much better second half of the season, with lots of games left to move up the ranks of the AFL Central. With the other teams in that division not actually being too far ahead of them, this could allow their season to get a lot better and maybe even give them a playoff chance.


Royals vs Yankees – July 29th, 2022


There is no doubt that the Royals have enjoyed a pretty poor 2022 so far and will be hoping for a much better time as we head out of the All-Star break. Their game against the Yankees is one that many people will be looking to bet on and also one which could turn their whole season around.


With the Yankees at home and in such great form though, it will not be easy. If the Royals come out of the break rested and with key players performing, it could happen. A surprise result could also be in the cards if the Yankees are still shaking off the rust from the break and do not turn up on that night.