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Today’s Free MLB Trends – Saturday, May 11, 2024

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As the MLB season rolls on, our 80% Club statistics provide some intriguing insights into today's games. Let's dive into the top trends that could influence your viewing and betting strategies:

1. Seattle Mariners: Silence at Home

The Mariners show a compelling trend towards the under this season. Particularly noteworthy is their 0-11-1 record for the under when playing at home coming off a win. It appears that after a victory, their games tend to be lower-scoring, possibly due to a strong pitching performance following the win.

2. Toronto Blue Jays: Quiet Bats Against Righties

The Blue Jays are another team where low scores dominate, particularly when facing right-handed pitchers at home. With a record of 1-9-0 for the under in such scenarios this season, it's evident that righties might be stifling the Blue Jays' hitters at Rogers Centre.

3. Boston Red Sox: Recuperating from Losses

After a tough 4-run loss, the Red Sox tend to tighten up, as evidenced by their 1-14-1 record for the under when playing the next game at home over the last two years. This suggests a rebound in pitching or a slow recovery by the bats.

4. St. Louis Cardinals: Recovery on the Road

The Cardinals have demonstrated resilience after heavy defeats, particularly when scoring has been high against them. They have a solid 2-9-0 record for the under when playing away after a game where they conceded 11 runs, highlighting a potential bounce-back in defensive performance.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers: Dominance Under the Lights

Switching to a more positive note, the Dodgers have excelled in away night games this season, boasting a 9-2 straight up record. Their success under the lights could be attributed to a combination of strong night-time pitching and their ability to adjust to different stadiums.

6. Philadelphia Phillies: Consistency on the Road

The Phillies find themselves comfortable both under and over the trend on the road. They hold a robust 9-2 straight up record and an under record of 428-368-48 when the total is between 7 and 8 since 1996. This dual consistency makes them unpredictable and exciting to watch.

7. Kansas City Royals: Challenges Against the AL West

On the road against AL West teams, the Royals have found it tough to keep up the momentum following a win, posting a 2-8-0 record for the under over the last two years. This suggests difficulties in maintaining scoring streaks in these matchups.

8. San Francisco Giants: Conference Struggles

The Giants struggle to score in specific scenarios, showing a repeated trend for the under after conference games and against non-division opponents at home this season (both 2-8-0). These patterns could indicate a strategic or lineup-based issue when facing familiar foes.

9. Oakland Athletics: Resilience After Heavy Losses

The Athletics exhibit a remarkable ability to bounce back after heavy defeats, particularly away from home. With an 8-2 straight up record following a 7-run loss over the last seven years, they showcase mental toughness and a strong response in subsequent games.

10. New York Mets: Quiet Nights at Home

Lastly, the Mets also tend to play low-scoring games during night games at home, with a 2-8-0 record for the under this season. Night games at Citi Field might be seeing better pitching performances or perhaps a different strategic approach from the home side.

Each of these trends offers a unique angle into today's games, providing both fans and bettors with valuable insights as they prepare for another exciting day of MLB action. Whether it's understanding potential low-scoring affairs or recognizing teams poised for a rebound, these trends are crucial for anyone looking to get the most out of their MLB experience.