Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #2

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Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #2 for Friday, July 3rd, 2020, Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond along with his co-host Ross Benjamin, preview the NFC East of the upcoming NFL Football season.

Ron and Ross have different views on how many wins the Dallas Cowboys will squeeze out this season but seem to agree on the Philadelphia Eagles win/loss prediction. Furthermore, both handicappers give out their thoughts on the New York Giants and Washington Redskins and you might be surprised in which team they think will have trouble putting up back to back wins!

At the beginning of each Raymond Report Podcast, you will want to catch the “Sports Handicapping 101” segments, as both Ron and Ross share a sports betting tip you can use towards your next football wager.
Plus, the boys finish the show with a NBA prediction, as they go over each teams record and odds to win the NBA Finals championship and you will want to catch this segment, as Ron shares his NBA futures pick on who he hopes will cash his futures ticket at Bookmaker!

Tune in to Show #2 of the Raymond Report with Ross Benjamin and remember to “Shop for Value and Play the Percentages!”

Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #2

The Raymond Report NFL sports betting podcast goal is to give out sports betting tips from a point spread point of view and share their researched numbers with their audience. Learn a little, to earn a lot with today’s tips and tricks on the Raymond Reports sports betting podcast with Ron Raymond and Ross Benjamin.

Raymond Report Show Segments (July 3rd, 2020):
• Introduction: 00:00
• Sports Handicapping 101: “Bears vs. Bulls” (2:26)
• Sports Handicapping 101: Spotlight Capper “Russ Culver & Marc Lawrence” (14:58)
• Sports Handicapping 101: Betting Secrets & Tips (18:38)
• 2020 NFL PREVIEW – (NFC East) Dallas Cowboys: (22:55)
• 2020 NFL PREVIEW – (NFC East) Philadelphia Eagles: (34:32)
• 2020 NFL PREVIEW – (NFC East) New York Giants: (46:43)
• 2020 NFL PREVIEW – (NFC East) Washington Redskins: (53:52)
• 2020 NBA Playoff Futures Predictions: (1:01:49)
• End of Show (1:16:42)