NHL Inside the Numbers 110623

NHL Betting Trends and Analysis: Monday Matchups

As the NHL gears up for another thrilling evening of action on Monday, November 6th, 2023, bettors are scouring the stats for edges. Let's dive into some intriguing Head to Head and Team System trends that could inform where the smart money lies.

Head to Head Trends: Boston's Dominance Over Central Division

Boston's record when facing off against teams from the Central Division is nothing short of impressive. With a Straight Up (SU) record of 13-2, they've consistently found ways to come out on top. However, bettors looking at totals should note that Boston trends towards lower-scoring affairs against these teams, with an Over/Under (O/U) record leaning heavily towards the under at 4-10-1.

Team System Trends: The Underdog's Edge

Tampa Bay's Road Resilience

When Tampa Bay hits the road as an underdog following a division game, they're a force to be reckoned with. A remarkable Against The Spread (ATS) record of 14-1-0 suggests they consistently exceed betting expectations. Their SU record is also strong at 12-3, indicating that they often leave with the win. Totals bettors will find a more balanced O/U record of 8-6-1, signaling a slight inclination towards higher-scoring games.

Edmonton's Bounce-Back Ability

The Edmonton team's resilience is on display when they play as a road team before a division game, especially with a day's rest and coming off a three-goal loss. Their ATS record stands at a robust 10-1-0. Although their SU record is a more modest 6-5, it's clear they don't let a heavy loss dampen their next performance.

Vancouver's Home Underdog Valour

Vancouver has proven to be a tough opponent when playing as a home underdog. Over the last two years, after a conference game, their ATS record is a solid 13-2-0. Their SU record of 9-6 shows they can often pull off wins, but their O/U record of 6-9-0 suggests they tend to be involved in lower-scoring contests under these conditions.

Smart Stats System Trends: Toronto's Favorable Outlook

When looking at Smart Stats, Toronto stands out when playing at home as a favorite. Over the last five years, they have a break-even ATS record of 5-5-0 after a string of losses, but their SU record of 9-1-0 demonstrates their ability to secure wins when it counts. Moreover, the O/U record leans towards fewer points being scored than the line suggests.

Tampa Bay's Underdog Streak

Tampa Bay's performance as an underdog over the last few years is noteworthy. They've maintained a strong ATS and SU record in various scenarios, whether coming off narrow victories or facing different SU records in their last few games. These trends highlight their tenacity and capability to upset the odds.

Final Thoughts

These trends offer a snapshot of potential outcomes based on historical performances. For bettors, these insights could be the difference between a winning and losing slip. As always, the dynamic nature of the NHL means any game could defy the trends. Good luck to all looking to capitalize on Monday's NHL action.