Raymond Report Sports Betting Tip #12 – Make Your Own Numbers

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report will be releasing 30 Sports Betting Tips each day during the Month of July to get you through those “Dog Days of Summer”.

Welcome to Tip #12 of 30, as Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond gives you some insight on why it's important to come up with your number against the point spread and compare it to the bookmaker numbers. Remember, putting out a number is 50% Perception and 50% Reality and the truth of what the number should be lies in the middle.


Your Line vs. the Bookmaker Line!

Ron's Tools:

  1. Daily Market Value Index – Raymond Report
  2. ATS Calculator
  3. PVI – SOS

MLB – DMVI (Daily Market Value Index)


ATS Calculator (Number Crunching)

PVI-SOS (Strength of Schedule)